Thursday, February 28, 2013

New and Work Lots of Running Around

Soooo......over the past few months, I've realized (2) very important things..(actually, I've realized several important things, but only two of them directly relate to this blog).

Thing 1:  I'm a terrible blogger.   If this blog was a small child, it would be taken away from me and put into protective custody due to neglect on my part.

Thing 2:  It's perfectly ok to just post a few small updates, with pictures, and save the manifestos for when you really have something to say ;)

In the spirit of Thing 2, here's some new work that I've been doing since December.  Most of these pieces are going to be at one of the concurrent exhibitions at this year's NCECA conference in Houston.  The show is title, Bodies, Bombs and Fragments, and it is a three person exhibition with fellow Louisiana artists, William DePauw and John Gargano.  The exact location and times are in the NCECA catalog and on their website, but hopefully I'll be able to post these in the next few weeks.

In the mean time, I've been so graciously invited by the University of North Carolina Asheville to be a Guest Juror for their 2013 Student Art Exhibit.  I'll be at UNCA from Wednesday, March 6th- Friday, March 8th, choosing the work, giving a lecture, and a visiting artist demo in the ceramics studio.
It's been a few years since I've been back to Asheville, and I look forward to hopefully getting to see some old friends there, along with a few pints at Jack of the Wood.

Here's the flyer:
It's open to the public so, if you're interested, come on by and introduce yourself!

But, for now, a few more pots.................

..This guy is headed to Montana soon for the Red Lodge Juried National 

...this liquor bottle shall be coming with me to Houston as part of
the Santa Fe Clay La Mesa Exhibit............

And these 3 will be featured in the 2013 Chawan Expo Invitational Exhibition in Taiwan this coming September.  I'd love to try and make it out there for the opening, so if anyone who's ever been to Taiwan and might want to give me some travel tips, please feel free to email me here :)

See you all at NCECA in Houston!!!